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Access Raspberry Pi over your network

RaspberryPi_Logo1- Plug Raspberry Pi to HDMI, keyboard, network cable (cat5) SD card with the OS

2- connect PU 5 volt 2.1 amp

3- Select Rasbian OS to install

4- Wait for the installation to finish

5- If everything is ok, you should see a screen as follows

16- Now, you can plug off your HDMI cable.

7- Open Terminal in your Mac OS X.

8- Find the ip of your Raspberry Pi from your router’s GUI (Type : 192.168.x.x – whatever yours…Login and find a menu named LAN. Right there, you should see the local ip address of your Raspberry Pi – e.g. Mine is

9- In terminal window type as follows to connect your Raspberry Pi with SSH over network:
ssh pi@

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 21.55.56

pi is the default username and raspberry is the default password of your Raspberry Pi. Hit the Return and enter the password.

You should see something like this:

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 21.56.09

10- Now, type sudo raspi-config sudo is for administrator

Move the cursor to the Advanced Options hit Return. Then move cursor to SSH hit Return. Enable it.
Screen goes black and the it says “SSH enabled”. Hit OK.

11- If you mind to use your Raspberry Pi as a NAS only, you don’t need much GPU power. So, it’s better to make it lower. Goto Advanced Options->Memory Split. Type the lowest value which is 16 and OK.

12- Few commands to use with your Raspberry Pi over network;
sudo halt – to shutdown
sudo reboot – to restart