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openframeworks – Xcode 4 on os x lion

I’m sure there lots of programmers around who don’t know about anything c++, xcode and openframeworks technologies…So, sometimes we loose tons of time in order to get over very small issues like defining folder paths, potting files into correct place, or doing some operations in correct sequence, etc… And the funny part is, most of the time you can’t find any sources on the web in such situations. Don’t know why. May be it’s just related with me 🙂

First of all I need to tell my exact system running on my computer, so you check everything and be sure what’s going wrong..

1- donwload the 007 version release of openframeworks

2- my OS is OS X LION

3- Xcode 4

Installing Xcode4 is the most easy part as you expect… There is nothing tricky parts. After installation, place the “of_preRelease_v007_osx” folder anywhere in your hard drive. Xcode 4 is different then previous Xcode versions in terms of GUI. Don’t know it’s good or bad, but after some days I get used to new GUI. I think, it’s really comfortable to manage things easly…

Anyways, to copile and openframeworks examples;

1- Navigate to of_preRelease_v007_osx-> apps -> examples

2- Select one of the example project that you desire and double click to *.xcodeproj file

3- Here is the tricky part 🙂  “of_preRelease_v007_osx”  was released before Xcode4 so it doesn’t know anything about the osx 10.7 SDK. Firstly, you need to change BASE SDK for the project. To do that click onto project file and set BASE SDK to MAC OS X 10.6 as follows;














4- Hit the Run button to compile and debug the project

In the next tip I’ll explain how to create a new project from scratch..and add addons folders libraries to the header files…