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Use your macbook trackpad as a multitouch device on Max 5

I was looking for somekind of framework or script in order to use trackpad as multitouch device. At first I found TongSeng from TUIO. After a little googling, I came across with an external called Fingerpinger which was written for Max Msp Jitter. It’s free and opensource. You can download it from here. And it’s very easy to work with it.

Call For Artists – Transition Houses

Transition Houses

is about being in between time. It is the void in between happenings, the ether that fills the space, the apparent blank.

The apparent blank is not without substance. It is the punctuation between sentences, the emphasis between ideas, it is the silence that makes possible for notes to be discerned – the one thing in common of all music. The one thing in common of all art.

Transition Houses is about the process, the essential environment of creation.

We would like to celebrate this ephemeral and vital air that is the process. We would like to make it a negative, to make the apparent blank a blinding light and the colorful spots insignificant dead heaps of lifeless matter.

To point out the process and make the result pointless (or simply a rest between two transitions, a necessary collision before a vital expansion).

Houses of transition are not real. We made them up.

Houses of transition have no real territory. It is tomorrow’s dream of yesterday. It is a state of mind.

Transition Houses are the turns we do before taking a new direction. The pauses we do before making new movements. These are the assessments of past visions and the formation of future ones. And something anew just as well. It is the connection between the results, but something completely different from it altogether.

There are no statements made in Transition Houses. There are observations.

Transition Houses is the moment of metamorphosis. The moment when shapes are blurred and lines mingled and tangled together into something unfamiliar but vivid, alive.

Transition Houses are the transition word that we use in language to indicate a desired shift in thought, or a summarization, the end of an idea and/or the start of another one. In the rooms of Transition Houses all the howevers, likewises, finallies, for instances, indeeds, meanwhiles, consequentlies, of courses and moreovers are welcome.

There is no democracy in Transition Houses. We really do things together.

Come join us!

In order to participate  and have more information about  “Transition Houses” event please visit our web site Transition Houses.

Sound Design For Documentary

Following scene was cutted from original film. It is a short part of the film not whole of it

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Sound Design for “All About Beauty”  which is a documentary by Simona Zemaityte.

Original Track Harntrocjka  by me.

Cello : Gülşah Erol

3Viol : Alp Çoksoyluer (3Viol is a custom made string instrument which has three strings by Alp Çoksoyluer. It’s something like very very primitve form of Violin.)

Sound Engineer : Alp Çoksoyluer

Sound Design for The Knot Theory

28 nov invitation

boDig presents 2 performances at Centre des Arts / Enghien-les-Bains on the 28th of November at 8pm within the frame of boDig09 series of events with the support of “Turkish Season in France”.  I performed as sound designer at The Knot Theory performance. For this project, I used Max/Msp, a remote microphone and ready-made sounds in order to synthesise real-time  sound reproduction and mixing. I placed remote mic under the table which performers were interacting through the performance. Then, I mixed these captured sounds with ready-made and reproduced sounds at he same time. Thanks to Bodig and Selçuk Artut for giving me oppotunity to be in this project at France. It was totally different experience for me and the first time I produce sounds by myself.

The Knot Theory (2009)
Concept and Choreography: Beliz Demircioğlu Cihandide (with Güneş Çağlar)
Performers: Güneş Çağlar & Beliz Demircioğlu Cihandide
Sound & Interaction Design: Selçuk Artut & Alp Tuğan
Interactive Visual Control: Ahmet Güzererler
Lighting Design: Ulaş Yatkın
Surgery on Video: Ercan Cihandide, M.D. & his team
Artistic Collaboration: Aylin Kalem

Squatouch: Object Oriented Sounds

How it is made?

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Squatouch: Object Oriented Sounds

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