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image processing on Rothko’s pieces

I’ve been thinking about to recreate visuals from Rothko’s artworks for a long time. But, I couldn’t have free time for it, because of freelance jobs 🙂 Anyway, finally I’ve coded a part of the application with action script of course. Basically, main app reads every single pixel of the image horizontally and vertically, then create particals according to the pixel’s values of the image. I’ll add some feature’s to the application latter. For now, it creates only jpgs from processed image. Original image belongs to Rothko – Ochre and Red on red (1954)

How to export pattern from Photoshop as a single jpg file

A few days ago, I were working on web-site. I used a photoshop pattern on the background for the design part. My aim was to use background image as a pattern file on web site. So, I could reduce the file size of the web page and avoid from resizing events of user. As is in every fucking project, I stucked on..The problem was, exporting original pattern image from photoshop as single jpg file. Here is my solution :D. Hope it helps some action scripter. Next tutorial is probably realted with “how to make patterned background from a single image file on Action Script”.

1- Create a new file with transparent background

2- Select “Pattern Stamp” tool

3- Select desired pattern from upper toolbar

4- Paint your canvas with “Pattern Stamp” tool. Then click to load “pattern manager” in order to get exact resolution of a single image of the selected pattern.

5- Here is the tricky part :D, to get the resolution, put your mouse cursor onto your pattern and wait about 3-4 seconds, an information bubble will appear which tells you resolution of a single image…

6- Click “Done” and Select; Image-> Canvas Size

7- Set your size and align cropping point to top-left corner of the canvas.

8- Here is our single image file grabbed from a pattern