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Flash Builder – Debug Player Connection Timeout / Wrong Player

It’s a so common issue for me. Whenever I install a new Flash Player version or a new software (really I don’t know why it’s happening!!), Flash Builder gets confused about debugging. And I start to experiment with the problem endless hours..In some way, I make it work. But most of the time, the solition is uninstall all of the Flash Player and Debugger versions and also Flash Builder from my computer. Then, re-install everything again..What a suffer..

I couldn’t find any consistant fix for that issue. I wrote many e-mails to Adobe, but no chance!!!

Few hours ago, it’s happened again, and I lost 6 hours or something more. Because of that issue I couldn’t finish my client’s work also. At last, I realised that the solition is so simple. Hope it helps someone else who is suffering from the debugging issue in Flash Builder appearing randomly. And it’s a reminder for me also. Don’t wanna loose hours for the next time. It really pissed me of this time.

Well, the solution as follows;

1- Turn back to defaults for every preferences in the Flash Builder








Delete the text in the “Standalone Adobe Flash Player” and Web browser” fields.









2- This is the magic part (!) Just right click on a swf file in your computer and select “get info”










Select the desired latest Flash Player/Debugger that you want. For me, Flash Builder located to Flash Player 10.1..But, my sdk was Flex_4.5.1. The minimum player version has to be 10.2 in order to use flex_sdk_4.5.1. I chose “Flash Player Debugger 10.3” from the list.









And DO NOT FORGET to hit “Change All…” button inthe info window.





That’s all!

3- Turn back to Flash Builder and hit “Debug” icon. It should work.









If you know the reason is why, just please tell me 🙂 I’ve been using Flash Builder/Flex for two or three years and have no idea about the problem. May be it’s related with the location.


Update (November/12/2011)

if the method that I mentioned above, you can try to connect flash debugger player manually. To do that;

1- Run/Debug your application from Flash Builder

2- When the progress tab stucks at 57% or something else, wait for the flash player/debugger window appears.

3- On the browser or the window, right click on it and select “Debugger” (To do that you have to have Flash Debug Player Version both for browser and stand alone application. You can download debugger version of Flash Player from adobe’s web site)






4- Select “At IP Address” and type “”, hit continue. It should work. I hope 🙂 At least worked for me



Some Usefull Shorcuts for Flex/Flash Builder

Sometimes, looking for some variable or function in the program can be very hard find. For me, this issue always distracts my focus on application. Or, I can be very lazy to comment out /* */ some code block. Anyway, I would like to tell you some of the life and time savers of the shorcuts that I’m using frequently.

1. Cmd + Shift + O: Removes all of the unused imports from your file.

2. Cmd + Shift + C: Comments out the selected block or line with /* */ chars.

3. Control + Alt + H: I think this is the most wonderful one. Searches the selected function name in your project and lists all of them line by line.

4. Cmd + M : Maximizes Flash Builder/Flex window to view only editor window. You can switch back to previous view with the same shortcut also.

5. Cmd + L : When you type this. A little pop-up appears and asks you to type a line number. When you type the number and hit enter, it jumps directly to this line.

6. Cmd + Left Mouse Click : e.g, you have an instance name like “foo”. But you forgot the decleration of the variable. To find the decleration, just press Cmd and move mouse pointer onto “foo”. Then “foo” turns to “foo” underlined in blue color. If you click on it, you will jump directly to the decleration of the variable. Besides that, if you click onto decleration while holding down Cmd key, action Script class of the decleration will be opened in the editor.

7. Control + Tab: Switches between editors/tabs.

8. Cmd + O: Shows you all of the vars, function, methods, etc… in the class. And you search specific names from the opened window.

Please note if I am missing another usefull shortcut.
By the way, there is also a shorcut to view all of the showtcuts 🙂
Cmd + Shift + L