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How to export pattern from Photoshop as a single jpg file

A few days ago, I were working on web-site. I used a photoshop pattern on the background for the design part. My aim was to use background image as a pattern file on web site. So, I could reduce the file size of the web page and avoid from resizing events of user. As is in every fucking project, I stucked on..The problem was, exporting original pattern image from photoshop as single jpg file. Here is my solution :D. Hope it helps some action scripter. Next tutorial is probably realted with “how to make patterned background from a single image file on Action Script”.

1- Create a new file with transparent background

2- Select “Pattern Stamp” tool

3- Select desired pattern from upper toolbar

4- Paint your canvas with “Pattern Stamp” tool. Then click to load “pattern manager” in order to get exact resolution of a single image of the selected pattern.

5- Here is the tricky part :D, to get the resolution, put your mouse cursor onto your pattern and wait about 3-4 seconds, an information bubble will appear which tells you resolution of a single image…

6- Click “Done” and Select; Image-> Canvas Size

7- Set your size and align cropping point to top-left corner of the canvas.

8- Here is our single image file grabbed from a pattern