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For a long time, I couldn’t post anything to my blog. We’re very busy with the works in Filika Design (check out our web site). And I’m trying to gain my coding skills on different coding enviroments like c++, unity and java-Javascript…

I think, I leave actionscript  in web design works. We have to think about mobile devices. And it’s sad for me to say this but, there is no way to use flash on mobile devices. However, action script is still my special power while programming multitouch apps, generative visuals and kinect based applications…

On the flash side, I’m busy with the new Starling Framework which uses gpu instead of system memory and cpu power. You should check it out if flash is your favourite coding platform 🙂

Some works from Filika Design;

– First video is Aqua Koridor : 12 x 8 m led screen,sonar sensors to track viewers’ coordinates, arduino board parses input data and send them to processing to create interactive visuals.

– Second video is floor projection application. However, it’s working with Kinect+Adobe Air. So, it’s very powerful from conventional floor projection techniques. We chose Kinect. Because, it isn’t affected by light sources, it uses infrared ligth to get infromations like depth, x,y and z position of the objects. So, ambient or spotlights in the venue don’t affect our application or calibration values.

Sound Design For Documentary

Following scene was cutted from original film. It is a short part of the film not whole of it

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Sound Design for “All About Beauty”  which is a documentary by Simona Zemaityte.

Original Track Harntrocjka  by me.

Cello : Gülşah Erol

3Viol : Alp Çoksoyluer (3Viol is a custom made string instrument which has three strings by Alp Çoksoyluer. It’s something like very very primitve form of Violin.)

Sound Engineer : Alp Çoksoyluer

Squatouch: Object Oriented Sounds

How it is made?

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Squatouch: Object Oriented Sounds

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Multitouch screenshots and video with MMF

In these ones, I’ve tried totally different values. I think, there some bugs about CCV tracker software. Because, in the morning multitouch screen doesn’t work as I expected. However, a few minutes ago (23:13 🙂 )I’ve got these results with the same compliant surface. I’m not sure about it. May be , the problem is my Toshiba laptop. Anyway, it’s working now.


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Glitchograph Video 2

Glitchograph is an image processing interface. It shoots user’s photograph via webcam that attached on the frame. There are two push buttons on the frame. One is for to capture image and apply it glitch filter. Other one is for refreshing screen to enable capture new images.

Impuss Animation










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Impuss 3D AnimationThis is my first 3D modelling and animation experience.
I used Maya both modelling and animations and rendered with mental ray. I can suggest you to use mental ray. Because Maya renderer can not give some realistic light and shadow effects. However disadvantage of mental ray is rendering time. But it worths to wait.

I made the animation in four days. Firstly I made modelling and texturing. After that I started skeletons. I used rigid binding for robotic movements.
For the animation I created six seconds shots and rendered them one by one at the same time with eight PCs.

Sound design of the animation composed and mixed by Alp Çoksoyluer who is a collegue of mine.

As you see, there is only white endless space in the animation and there is no reflection surfaces for sound. In my case, this was the hardest part of the sound design. Because if we couldn’t set the amount of reverb effect correctly, soundscape and visuals wouldn’t mix with each other like that.

We used Protools for sound editing and post production of sounds. Also we didn’t use any ready sound samples. All of them recorded by Alp Coksoyluer with a simple Sony MD Player. Related sound materials are;

– Saw (laser gun)
– Doors (explosion effects)
– worker at street(bees)
– Electric guitar(waking of Impuss)
– and some outdoor soundscapes for background atmosphere