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How To Generate and Save a XML file from PHP on Serverside

Above article saved huge amount of time for me. I have been using PHP and MYSQL in order to record data to server. I achieved to write data to database. However, a loading time problem occured. When Flash tries to connect database to harvest data from database, It takes to much. When I try to get data with an XML file, it gathers data faster PHP file. So, I wrote a new PHP file which connets to database and writes an XML file and saves it under my server. Although I haven’t gor enough information about PHP coding, I can handle it with some kind of good tutorial. Sorry, I don’t have name of the owner of this article. Thanks to him or her!!

AS3 TextEvent and Hyperlink issues

there are two tutorial about textevents that I’ve found on web. Both of them are works good for me. I coded a content management interface. The user can easily edit or type desired text, hotlinks, etc… and the content is saved as htmlText for Flash side. My aim was to put undeline hyperlink words when the mouse is over. Both of the examples show how you can do it;

Flash: TextField actionscript hyperlink in AS3.0

asfunction (TextEvent.LINK) Tutorial for AS3 | Flash HTML Link to call actionscript function | Tutorial

(Object)#0 message = “faultCode:INVALID_AMF_MESSAGE faultString:’Invalid AMF message’ faultDetail:’ Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /a/long/path/to/a/site/root/fileDirectory/my_necessary_class.php:464) in /a/long/path/to/a/site/root/amfphp/core/shared/exception/php4Exception.php on line 38 ‘” name = “Error” rootCause = (null)


After 10 hours of endless efforts, I have fixed this problem. I’ve tested some php files on my server with AMFPHP and Flex. Everything is working as I expected. However, when I moved all of these files to my clients server, I started to get error from AMFPHP browser as follows;

message = “faultCode:INVALID_AMF_MESSAGE faultString:’Invalid
AMF message’ faultDetail:’Warning: Cannot modify header
information – headers already sent by
(output started at /a/long/path/to/a/site/root/fileDirectory/
my_necessary_class.php:464) in
on line 38
name = “Error”
rootCause = (null)

What da hell? Everything was fine. What happend now? There is a guy
who got this type of error from AMFPHP and his solution for
the problem is here. It can work for you. But, it doesn’t work for me.
in order to get rid of this problem, I checked my .htaccess file
in my server. As you know .htaccess is a hidden file in your server.
So first of all, make activate ‘show invisible files’ option from
your ftp application. Then, make a back-up of .htaccess file and
open it in a text editor. When I opened my client’s .htaccess,
I realized that there is two lines of code that blocking the server
to use PHP 5. However, my PHP classes are optimized for PHP 5.
Here is the solution, just delete these codes which blocks your PHP
version. By the way, you may not have anything in your .htaccess.
In this case, probably the first link solves your problem.