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How to export pattern from Photoshop as a single jpg file

A few days ago, I were working on web-site. I used a photoshop pattern on the background for the design part. My aim was to use background image as a pattern file on web site. So, I could reduce the file size of the web page and avoid from resizing events of user. As is in every fucking project, I stucked on..The problem was, exporting original pattern image from photoshop as single jpg file. Here is my solution :D. Hope it helps some action scripter. Next tutorial is probably realted with “how to make patterned background from a single image file on Action Script”.

1- Create a new file with transparent background

2- Select “Pattern Stamp” tool

3- Select desired pattern from upper toolbar

4- Paint your canvas with “Pattern Stamp” tool. Then click to load “pattern manager” in order to get exact resolution of a single image of the selected pattern.

5- Here is the tricky part :D, to get the resolution, put your mouse cursor onto your pattern and wait about 3-4 seconds, an information bubble will appear which tells you resolution of a single image…

6- Click “Done” and Select; Image-> Canvas Size

7- Set your size and align cropping point to top-left corner of the canvas.

8- Here is our single image file grabbed from a pattern

Auto format-comment plug-in for Flex

Today, I’ve  found an awesome plug-in called “flex formatter” for Flex.  It allows you to reformat or add commentouts into your Flex project just as in Flash. For a long time, I were looking for such a feature for Flex. You can find how to install Flex Formatter into Flex.

  1. Start up FlexBuilder / FlashBuilder.
  2. From the Help menu, select ‘Software Updates > Find and Install…’
  3. Select ‘Search for new features to install’ and click ‘Next >’
  4. Click ‘New Remote Site…’
  5. Use name: ‘Flex Formatter’ and url: ‘’
  6. Click OK
  7. Make sure only ‘Flex Formatter’ is selected in the ‘Sites to search’ list, and click ‘Finish’
  8. Follow the prompts to install Flex Formatter, and restart the IDE

Note: This content was taken from gSkinner‘s web-site.

Mulltiple Image Loading in as3

I’ve been working on a Flash web site for a week. It has nearly finished. However, there some loading time problems at the gallery sections.At first, I tried to load thumbnails one by one, then I changed my mind. Because, there are only 8 thumbs at one time that will be loaded. So, it’s better to load these 8 images at one time and make a single loader. I encountered with Arthur Debert’s awesome as3 class which is called Bulk Loader. Bulk Loader is totally designed for multiple loading purpose. By the way, thanks to  him for his class. I want to share this wonderfull class with you. I have no time for a tutorial. At this point, I can recommend you to check Nick Handerman’s post about this multiple loading issue. Thanks to Nick for his tutorial and source files.

DeepLinking alternatives for Flash

The main problem for Flash designers and web-site are deep-linking problems. However, there are many solutions to get rid of the reference problem. The most known action script class is ASUAL’s SWFADRESS. It works fine for many designers and web sites. But, not for me!. Somehow, I got troubles with SWF ADRESS. So, I searched for new solutions and found Flurl deeplinking class. It’s a tiny little Java script file. Flurl gets parameters from Java and combine them with Action Script’s “ExternalInterface” parameter. I used Flurl for Murat Germen’s web-site for the main categories. For now it is working as I expected…I don’t update the web-site, it needs some performance and stability tests. You can check Flurl Java class from here.

And there are other resources which useful for deeplinking issue.

Pixel Acres

Bir Öğrenci Klasiği (This page is in Turkish. Çok güzel bir Türkçe kaynak)

Flash works

I will post a tutorial about this issue. There are thousands of tutorial around the web. However, all of them tells same stuff. My tutorial is going to be more clear and useful. trust me 🙂

UPDATE: Flurl was working perfect on localy. But, when I moved files to the server, it stopped to work! I tried many thing to figure out the problem. But, I couldn’t handle it. So, I returned back to SWFAdress. For now everything is OK with SWFAdress.

How to create a folder and make its permission 0777 with PHP

Last day, I were testing my CMS interaface on several web browsers. It was working as I expected, except on Internet Explorer. Somehow, although I got “folder is created-file is uploaded” message, I couldn’t find the files and folder on server. This weird problem only occured on Internet Explorer. First, I thought that it can be a Mac OSX problem. So, I tried uplaoding stuff with a PC with Windows XP and Vista. But nothing was change!

Secondly, I checked my PHP files. I am requesting PHP files from Flash interface, and PHP tells to server what to do…etc… My problem was related with PHP file. My php code’s related section is as follows;

mkdir($folder, 0777);

I have no idea about that. When I changed it as follows, It started to work on Internet Explorer. Anyway. Hope it helps someone.


chmod($folder, 0777);