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SonicFields: an immersed sonic experience


SonicFields explores an immersed sonic experience in a virtual 3D environment through a 2D flat screen surface. With its user-centric accumulation points, SonicFields-as its name proposes- is a remediated 3D soundscape, a model of sonicworld with multitude of sounds emerging from various vibrations.

Allegorically speaking – sound is a prey, wandering around us and our ears become fragile microphones awaiting for a hunt. In SonicFields environment, our journey becomes an adventure of seeking for appropriate sounds from a range of possibilities for our personal soundscapes. Every sphere in SonicFields represents a sonic tree with variety of fruits on its branches, we hope those who walk in SonicFields would also fill their buckets with a plentitude of fruits of their like.

You can get more information from interacLAB web site.

Image Processing Outputs





This is out put visual of my little experiment with processing ([link]) programming software.

Firstly, I set the number of control points. Then code generates contuniues line until it reaches last point.

It put triangle’s starting point to starting point of line. Then it scales triangles, according to control points’ positions. Opacity of the each triangle and line are reduced according to number control points.

the idea comes from my obsession about lines and primitive shapes as you can see on my web site.
Starting point of life. Especially when I’ve started 3d modelling, I realized this more and more.

This is the second version of image processing. Additionally I set up arduino microcontroller board to make it interactive.

Basically, I connected two different potentiometers on a cardboard :) as my analog control devices. One of the potentiometers controls the amount of white area and rotation of triangles. Other potentiometer controls the color values of triangles. It’s an endles loop and image processing never stops. So you can get very interesting outputs.

It’s like a different kind of chance events in arts.