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DispatchEvent :How to use it?


In some cases dispatchEvent expression can be very useful.  For example; you can communicate with other classes that you ceated by dispatchEvent.  Basically I created a class and put a tween function. When tween finishes, my class dispatches as “TweenFinished”. In main fla file I added an EventListener to instance name of the class. Usually I have missed that part so my dispatcher doesn’t work as I expected.

EventListener listens to  “TweenFinished”. When it gets this message, ball moves to center of the stage.  So my main class is;

click here to download source.

text=Error #2036: Load Never Completed.

While I was preparing my web site, I didn’t get this error from Flash’s debugger. However, when I uploaded content to my server I got this error from IE. In Firefox there is no such error. But I can’t see the the image that should be loaded.

Today I’ve fixed it with a “WEIRD” way. I use xml for my mp3Player and when you select a song from playlist, player acquires image path, file name and info text about composition. So , firstly

I checked my xml file for the slip in spellings. The first mistake of mine is capital letter issue,
– For Example path of the file is
<song id=”1″ songname=”something” image=”images/audio.jpg” info=”bla blal blalal”></song>

list goes like this.  In action script class I typed it “Image“. Somehow flash ignored this and loaded related jpg file correctly. So I updated all “image” words to “Image“. But it wasn’t fixed.

After lots of experiments, I changed the name of image file from”audio” to “something_else” and WEIRDLY it worked 🙂

Really I have no idea about that. May be it is a bug. Because “audio” is so general word.

So if you encountered such an error, try to change your file names something like password 🙂

– dont forget to delete browser’s cache, history…

-carefully check your xml paths.

my web site will be ready soon


For a week I’ve been working on my personal web site. It is nearly finished.
Now I’m working on some little touches like tween animations and sequences.
In addition I coded some as3 classes. After I’ve released my web site, I ‘ll pulish them from my blog.

The main idea of my site is “less is better”. I think this is the best way to represent something to viewers. However the less you use things, the more you get problems. I mean being minimal is not so easy to tell something you want to represent. Bla bla bla…..

and this my first post on my blog.