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Convert AS3 Timeline Codes to Document Class Easily

Here is a great tool that you can convert Flash Timeline codes to the document classes. It works perfectly. The only thing you do is, just copy timeline code into the empty textarea below, then put a name for your document class. When you press “submit” button, a php script generates your document class code at once. Thanks to Zevan Rosser for this converter tool. By the way, he is a smart coder. Many of Zevan’s codes are too short, but also functional. You should check his blog also for some kind of unique tutorials.
AS3 Timeline Code to Document Class Converter

With keyword in Action Script 3.0

I’ve been programming with as3 for two years and everyday I come across with a new stuff 🙂 Today, I was checking a as class and encountered with “with” keyword. There is no magic about “with” keyword. But, it allows you to write cleaner codes. Here is a little example how it works;

with (graphics)
	moveTo(0, 0);
	lineTo(pWidth, 0);
        lineTo(pWidth, pHeight);
	lineTo(0, pHeight);
	lineTo(0, 0);

Frameworks for developing Flash Web-Sites

I’ve been looking for frameworks in order develop flash-based web sites for a long time. I haven’t checked any of these frameworks yet. Because, it takes a lot of time to get into a new programming environment for me. Also, when I’m working on a commercial project, I don’t want to waste my time with new classes, methods and etc.. to develop web based appilcation. Because, your customers don’t care about how the background of their web sites are created. They just want to see final result quickly 🙂

Anyway, For a long time, I’ve been coding with Flex and don’t want to use Flash hereafter. In my opinion, Flash can’t be a framework for coding action script language. I mean, I can’t imagine a framework that has no suggestion option while I’m coding an application. So, I searched for some frameworks which can be used without Flash. At this point, I encountered with PureMVC framwork. But there are no tutorial about how to use it in Flex…I googled some tutorials about PureMVC and here they are;

And there is an other Flash framework which called Gaia. The only disadvantage for me is, you can only use Gaia with Flash. But, Gaia has some tutorials about how to setup and work with it in their web-site.

Two of my web designs are selected for the final at “Flash Odulleri”

I attended with two of my web design works to the competition
TOday I’ve got e-mail from them.
Both of my designs are selected for the final.

First one is Murat Germen’s web site who is an artist and academic
Second one is Brand Mood’s web site. It’s a styling studio

Open Source Data Visualization for Flash

text was taken directly from developer’s web site

“open source data visualization

Axiis is an open source data visualization framework designed for beginner and expert developers alike.

Whether you are building elegant charts for executive briefings or exploring the boundaries of advanced data visualization research, Axiis has something for you.

Axiis provides both pre-built visualization components as well as abstract layout patterns and rendering classes that allow you to create your own unique visualizations.

Axiis is built upon the Degrafa graphics framework and Adobe Flex 3.”