image processing on Rothko’s pieces

I’ve been thinking about to recreate visuals from Rothko’s artworks for a long time. But, I couldn’t have free time for it, because of freelance jobs 🙂 Anyway, finally I’ve coded a part of the application with action script of course. Basically, main app reads every single pixel of the image horizontally and vertically, then create particals according to the pixel’s values of the image. I’ll add some feature’s to the application latter. For now, it creates only jpgs from processed image. Original image belongs to Rothko – Ochre and Red on red (1954)

2 thoughts on “image processing on Rothko’s pieces”

  1. Actually, rotation and distance of the triangles from each other are changing according to color values in the first one.
    In the second image, I tried to re-organize particals’ x-y positions according to colors. But not satified completely 🙂
    thanks by the way.

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